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Dinner Parties: (10 or Less Guest)


  • Choose from our Sample Menus or we can create a custom menu together. Dinners typically include anywhere from 3-5 courses on average.

  • Your chef will do the shopping before arriving to your home.

  • All cooking is done in the comfort of your own home kitchen.

  • Service Includes: on-site cooking, serving and clean-up. You enjoy your time and food with your guests!

  • Rates: Chef/Servers: $400/hour + cost of food + travel/accommodations (if applicable) 


In Home Meal Prep:


  • Phone Consultation:  As a new client we’ll set up a phone consultation to speak with you about your needs to determine the right service for you.

  • Menu Planning:  For every booking we will send you a customized menu proposal based on your dietary needs & preferences. We include a variety of cuisines and nutritious foods in our meal plans, including a mix of proteins, vegetables, starches, and anything else you may request. This service provides a week’s worth of meals for you and your family.

  • Grocery shopping:  Your chef will shop at your favorite grocery store or market before arriving to your home.

  • In-home cooking:  On average your chef will spend about 4-6 hours or so shopping and cooking all the dishes. The meals are packaged, labeled, and placed in your fridge to easily reheat throughout the week. You have the options of daily service, once weekly service, or twice weekly service.  You’ll be left with a fridge full of food and a clean kitchen.

  • Booking Service:  No commitment required. If you love it then you’ll have the option to continue weekly. Stop & resume service at anytime.

  • Benefits:  Our clients save on average 10-12 hours per week using our service and have more free time to do the things they love. Get ready to stop stressing over "what's for dinner tonight?" and sticking to your healthy eating plan

  • Rates: Chef $250/hour + cost of food 

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